It's a bird's life...


What role does value play in design? Can we embed sustainability within design practice? This project explores what we attain value and worth to in the particular demographic of pets. With the initial brief being spread out across dogs, cats and birds I looked into having birds as pets and the relationship an owner has with their beloved companion. Through my research I found it’s becoming very popular for families across the United Kingdom to start keeping chickens as pets, because as well as being relatively easy to look after, the owner receives a gift of an egg from the chicken everyday (hopefully). This idea of value came into play when I thought about how we give and receive, we feed the chickens and look after them, in the hope of something in return. I really liked this two way relationship.

This brought me on to think of the things that get in the way of this relationship, what stops this giving and taking from happening? The Egg. Evidence came to light that chickens sometimes eat their own eggs, which can be a large problem for small coops and industrial chicken farms alike.


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