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Constructing Comfort


Constructing Comfort was a response to the refugee crisis happening around the world, with millions of displaced people without home or comfort. I researched disaster relief charities, as well as projects from designers who produced work for displaced people. The work of Jorge Penades called Nomadic Chair was helpful to me in showing the simplicity of construction and the beauty of materials when designing an object to be carried. I wanted to produce something that could be carried and transported, bring a sense of comfort during travelling. This resulted in a collapsible chair made from ash and brass, finished with cotton calico and leather. Fixings such as hinges are fascinating to me, particularly when made from wood by hand. I love this combination of materials not only aesthetically, but also for their purpose. Ash is a sustainable wood and has a beautiful grain as well as being durable. The brass was used for the pivots in the hinges and I left certain parts exposed so that the construction could be visible. The leather and cotton calico are hard-wearing but also worked well to provide support as a seat when the chair was set up, and to wrap the whole chair up during transportation.

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