A nomadic person travels from place to place with few belongings, rarely staying in the same place for longer than a couple of weeks or months. They are not considered to be "tied down" to a place and either by choice or necessity move on . Looking into the world of transportable shelters I researched work by Lucy Orta and the charity Shelterbox. These shelters were designed for homeless or displaced people and how they could cope with different needs. Usually we need shelter to gain some respite from the weather, and I found that when I cycled into university when it was raining, my arms would be dry but my thighs would be drenched from the water running off my coat . I then realised that there could be a design solution to this problem. A portable shelter to protect you from the rain whilst cycling. It could be worn as a poncho during poor weather or folded up into a backpack when in fair weather. The shelter would need to be waterproof and lightweight to make sure it is comfortable and works as a protector from the elements.

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