Why do we give flowers to others? When do we give them? Why do we keep them in our homes when they die so quickly? I realised that flowers are a part of all stages of life, in that they are given at births, weddings, funerals but also in the mundane areas of life, on the kitchen table, for example. We enjoy the flower because we know they won’t last forever and so we can enjoy them while they last. In this project I wanted to celebrate all of those moments collectively, as a celebration of life, death and the mundane and extraordinary bits inbetween. First I started with an old school chair which I drilled h oles and slotted flowers into. I documented the decay of the flowers over a period of two weeks. The colours changed, the volume of the chair decreased, as the chair itself was dragged into this process of decay. I enjoyed working with wood and so decided to go further for my final piece.

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