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Sleep. We do not get enough of it and although we may want more of it, employers and governments do not value it highly enough to actually get more. In an attempt to be the most productive they can be, people sleep less and work more. After reading up about the dangers of sleep deprivation (which increases the likelihood of mental illness, substance abuse, obesity, lack of awareness etc.) I propose a way to revalue sleep. Benefits are hidden from sight and touch; what if people could see hold something physical after their night of rest, see their brain at work in its unique complexity and therefore renew a sense of value to the time we are asleep. 
During sleep cerebral spinal fluid covers the brain,  “cleaning” it of waste and a build up of neurones that can lead to Alzheimers disease.
Concept I researched a way to create something physical during sleep, to add a tangible element to the “productivity” of sleep. The concept is that someone would go to sleep wearing an EEG headset which documents their brain signals, translating these into sleeping patterns going between light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep and then creating a knitting pattern from this data throughout the night

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