The Glass Vessel


Pickering’s gin is distilled at Summerhall distillery in Edinburgh. This handcrafted spirit has a signature bottle, but as of yet, no handcrafted tasting or cocktail glasses, or decanter. This project requires a lot of research into the brand identity of Pickering’s gin manufacturing process. They use copper fermenting chambers and copper piping throughout the distilling process so as to produce a really smooth gin.

The brand has many different types of clients based all over the world. The Asian market are asking for decanters and sets of cocktail glasses, whilst the Australian and New Zealand market are asking for cocktail glasses, much like the Spanish gin cocktail glass. There is a lot of opportunity within this project and I’m looking forward to experimenting in the glass hot and cold shops. Interestingly copper is the only metal that can be inlaid and set into glass. This could improve the taste of the gin if I could incorporate the copper into a decanter, so that the gin remains in contact with copper for as long as possible

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